Inkshed 21
Desiring the Wor[l]d: Students, Teachers, Disciplines, Institutions

Kamloops, British Columbia
May 7-9, 2004

Inkshed 21 will be held May 7-9 at the Delta SunPeaks Resort, just a half hour drive from the city of Kamloops, British Columbia. The organizing committee invites proposals on the topic of "Desiring the Wor[l]d: Students, Teachers, Disciplines, Institutions," a theme encompassing how students are variously prepared (or unprepared) for the writing tasks facing them in their chosen disciplines and/or their chosen workplaces. This year's conference encourages presentations that help us identify, understand, and perhaps bridge the gaps between institutional requirements, disciplinary expectations, pedagogical ideals, workplace realities, and student desires.

Participants might consider such topics as

Submitting Your Proposal

In accord with Inkshed tradition, we ask you to subvert what's been called the "talking-head-reading-paper format"; instead, we encourage the innovative, the interactive, the unconventional. In the interest of including as many proposals as possible, we'll give priority to group presentations, workshops, panels, roundtables, demonstrations or performances (normally limited to 30 min. each). We will set aside space for posters and exhibits, which will remain on display throughout the conference. Exploratory proposals (works in progress) are very welcome!

We hope that the conference theme and suggested topics give you some direction (and the overall conference some coherence), but you should feel free to make creative connections between the conference theme and what you want to share. The conference organizing committee will be happy to help in this regard. Please call or e-mail us in advance if you want to discuss your proposal. What we need from you is two or three paragraphs (200 words maximum) indicating (1) your name and the names of any co-presenters, (2) your institutional affiliation(s), (3) your mailing and e-mailing address(es), (4) a title and abstract, and (5) a description of the mode of presentation. Also, be sure to include technical requirements such as space, overhead projectors, computer support, etc.

Please submit your proposals by February 29, 2004 (that's the final call) to the Inkshed 21 Conference Committee:

mail: Rachel Nash
English & Modern Languages,
900 McGill Rd.,
Box 3010,
Kamloops, B.C., V2C 5N3

fax: (250) 371-5697

Conference Committee: Jan Duerden, Henry Hubert, Will Garrett-Petts, Rachel Nash, & Yaying Zhang

Conference Activities

Conference Fees and Accommodation

Accommodation will be available at the beautiful and luxurious Delta SunPeaks Resort. Conference Rates (including accommodation, meals*, taxes, and gratuities) is accessible here; a link to the conference facilities can be found below:

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