Inkshed 22
May 12th to 15th 2005

White Point Beach Resort
Nova Scotia

Accommodations must be arranged directly with the Resort. Call 1-800-565-5068 and state your affiliation with Inkshed. Cancellations require 72 hours notice and are subject to $5 processing fee.

The cost of accommodation includes ALL (delicious) meals beginning with dinner on Thursday and ending with lunch on Sunday. There are a number of options available for rooms depending upon whether you take a regular room in the main lodge or a cottage, and whether you share a bedroom or not. Check out the facilities shown in 360? video shots at

The rates are as follows:

Lodge room . . .  Single $170 per night Double $120 per person per night
Cottages . . . .One bedroom or two bedroom cottages available
One person per bedroom rate is $185 per night
Two persons per bedroom rate is $130 per person per night

Triple occupancy in a lodge room (2 double beds) is $95 per person per

night plus tax and gratuity.

Triple occupancy in a one bedroom cottage (I double, I single, and a

pull-out couch) is $105 per person per night plus tax and gratuity.
These rates are subject to 12% gratuity and then 15% HST (which in Nova Scotia applies to the gratuity, too).
By Jane's calculations (i.e. consider this a guide only), total prices for three nights including taxes and gratuities are:

Single Lodge Room : $656.88

Double Lodge Room: $463.68 per person

One Bedroom Cottage: $714.84 for single person

$502.32 per person shared

Two Bedroom Cottage: same as above depending on number of people occupying each bedroom, i.e. one person in one bedroom is charged single rate ($185 plus gratuity and tax), two people sharing one bedroom are each charged double rate ($130 plus gratuity and tax).

There will be shuttle service available from and to the airport at a reduced rate. We will be negotiating the specific rates depending on number of trips needed and number of people carried. We hope to charge no more than $25 round trip but cannot confirm this yet.