Below is the program for the Inkshed 2000 conference, at Bowen Island, British Columbia, May 18-21, 2000. If the title of a presentation is highlighted and underlined, it's linked to a copy of the text of the presentation. Bear in mind that none of the texts has been edited for publication: these are drafts and notes intended to enable us to share the ideas of the presenter. Where available, the edited inksheds, as distributed during the conference, are linked as well.  [Two inksheds which were selected were really on the issue of inkshedding itself rather than on the particular presentation, they are in the ones for Session 5 and Session 9. You might want to consider those separately.]

Some pictures of the conference, taken by Shurli Makmillen, are here. I haven't captioned them and I invite anyone to submit a caption for any picture.

This site is still under construction, as presenters and inksheditors continue to send me files to be put on the site. Bookmark it, and check back.

Thursday, May 11

SESSION ONE [Chair: Rick Coe] [edited inksheds]

SESSION TWO [Chair: Kathryn Alexander] SESSION THREE [Chair: Rebecca Carruthers] SESSION FOUR [Chair: Russ Hunt] [edited inksheds] SESSION FIVE [Chair: Shurli Makmillen] [edited inksheds] SESSION SIX [Chair: Wendy Strachan] [edited inksheds] SESSION SEVEN [Chair: Yaying Zhang]  [edited inksheds] SESSION EIGHT [Chair: Anneke van Enk] [edited inksheds] SESSION NINE [Chair: Rick Coe] [edited inksheds]
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