Entering the CASLL

CASLL Listserv discussion list: there is an electronic discussion forum, run on aLISTSERV which is "owned" (that is, they sweep the streetsand take the garbage out) by Russ Hunt at St. Thomas and Margaret Procter at Toronto. The list is electronically archived in The CASLL Vault. The archive is arranged by months, is searchable, and is complete back to the beginning of 1995.

To subscribe to this list, you send, to listserv@utoronto.ca, a one-line mail message saying simply "subscribe CASLL-L [your name]." (If your browser is configured for email, you can do that now, simply by clicking on that link.) The message will be forwarded to Russ and Margaret, and they'll complete the process.

To join the organization, and receive the Inkshed Newsletter, click here for more information.

More about Inkshed and inkshedding: If you want to know more about what "Inkshed" is and means, click on the link to find a draft of an explanation of the process and its history.

Last updated 5 January 2011